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I was fortunate enough to get an appointment within 2 hours of calling. I had been suffering from an injured back for about 8 days. Morna was really helpful and explained what she was doing. The day after my appointment my pain started to subside and I am on the fast road to recovery.

Tony R, Retired University Professor

I wholeheartedly recommend Morna as a holistic body-mind therapist and somatic yoga teacher. I had a completely locked up hip and was in such despair. Seeing her a few times has eased it considerably and am confident I will be able to use my hip fully again. She is patient, confident and oozes positivity and competence.

Silvia S, Life Coach

Following some dental work, I was experiencing extensive toothache on both sides of my mouth. Despite five weekly appointments, my dentist was unable to relieve the problem and finally suggested an osteopath. I met with Morna and after just 20 minutes of treatment my mouth felt much better and the toothache has now gone completely. Morna is now treating me for some more general musculoskeletal disorders. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and personable and I can’t speak highly enough of her.

John C, CSR Consultant

I visited Morna for a consultation and session for my various aches and pains as a result of gym training, triathlon training and dancing. I had an idea of what treatment I thought I needed, however Morna’s knowledge and skill not only proved me completely wrong, but in diagnosing the actual cause of my issues, she then carried out a few procedures to alleviate my pains. I can not only almost touch my toes for the first time ever, I left with a bounce in my step and feeling the best I have in a long time. My training will be a breeze now and I will certainly be back for more preventative treatment in the future.

Daniel P, Financial Analyst

Morna has a very spiritual and gentle approach to healing the body as a whole. It is such a unique experience. I mixed two osteopathic approaches for my well-being and maintenance of my own body and found they complimented each other beautifully. So, if you already have a superb osteopath, as I do, adding Morna’s approach into the mix is so very beneficial for the body and soul. I fully recommend and thank you Morna, and feel very grateful to have met you.

Helen M, Horticulturalist

Morna is a rare find. Having received treatment over the years from a number of different osteopaths and chiropractors I am so glad I have finally found someone who is interested in the whole picture and can tune into the way my body is working, or rather not working, and treat accordingly.

Andrew T, Web Developer

I have been receiving treatment from Morna for the last few months. She has provided a very thorough and professional service, I would recommend her to everyone.

David B, Builder

I went to Morna after a long struggle with TMJ and other strange body pains. I always felt like the pains are linked, but wasn’t sure how. In our first session Morna immediately identified that my body carries a lot of stress, both from things which happened long ago, and the recent Covid stress. She taught me how to relax my muscles. I hadn’t even realised how stressed my muscles were. Within two, three days I started to feel relief from the body pains. In the second session she worked on my TMJ and since then I had no discomfort from that. I find her sessions not only fix me, I also get armoured with knowledge and understanding of my body. I find her approach professional but with a sensitive human touch. I can highly recommend Morna. Thank you Morna for all you have done for me.

Sanet C, Calculations Analyst

Morna’s holistic approach to the pain in my wrist was a wonderful lesson in how everything is connected in our bodies. The condition was greatly improved after two sessions and as a bonus I have been reminded that I need to listen to my body and that time spent relaxing is as important as being busy. Thank you, Morna. I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends.

Penelope I, Retired

This is the second session I have had with Morna. I was experiencing areas of stiffness in my body from sitting at the desk for too long too often. As before, Morna was quick to identify the problem after listening to me. Her treatment was spot on, and her advice was sound and easy to follow. I’m sure this is going to be most beneficial for me in the long run. I felt much more relaxed and flexible after the treatment. I would recommend Morna to anyone who is suffering with physical discomfort. It is easier to put it right before it become an issue.

DY, Researcher

I found Morna by chance. Morna has helped me so much, physically and mentally to connect the physical pain to my stress and anxiety. She has definitely made my life easier, and feel pain-free most of the time.

Chris D

After a session with Morna it’s clear to see that her holistic approach to health and wellbeing is inspiring and intuitive. Her ability to tune in to what is needed in many more layers than just the physical, as well as reminding me of the importance of tuning in to my own body has already made a marked difference to my over all health and the pain I experience daily. I highly recommend Morna as both an experienced Osteopath and an intuitive healer.

Ellie J, Singer – Songwriter – Musician

I have been most impressed by Morna’s skills and approach. I arrived at my first appointment, following a knee injury, struggling to lift my very swollen leg out of the car and to ease my way indoors on crutches. I came out able to walk on two legs! Subsequent treatments each enabled me to make substantial progress in regaining mobility and confidence. I value Morna’s holistic approach, taking into account wider personal interests and health issues. She willingly adjusted treatment sessions to my personal priorities regarding the physical activities I engage in. I am extremely grateful for Morna’s patience with my many questions and for her carefully explained answers.

Brig B, Retired Countryside Education Leader

Do pray for healing, alleviation from pain and suffering, hope for the better…
But also go and ask Morna for a treatment.
You might be pleasantly surprised and forever grateful… like me.

Peggy H, Horticulturist

… A fantastic professional osteopathic service, I visit regularly and leave feeling fully rejuvenated. Morna has got magic in her hands, I’m sure… will always recommend her to my friends and family…

… One consultation and session with Morna helped me so much… and thanks to her my back is feeling a lot better. Very professional, friendly and calming.

… I would absolutely recommend anyone to see her. Having dealt with many other osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors, never have I had better results. Nobody has ever managed to teach me to help myself in body and mind like she has…

… I have been going to see Morna since 2015, she has helped me out with multiple injuries that I have sustained from sport and poor posture. She has advised me on how to make positive changes to my environment to avoid further injuries…

… after a severe ankle injury, my daughter’s recovery had completely stalled so I took her to see Morna… brilliant advice and support have set her back on the road to recovery… It’s only been three days but we can see the results already…

… Morna… is truly looking at the whole picture and getting to the root of the problem…

… probably the 6/7th Osteopath that I have seen over the last 30+ years, and the only one who ever managed to get me to relax…

Excerpts taken from submitted Google Reviews

Morna has a gift to help your body move into the spaces it needs for release, alignment and balance. She has a beautiful supportive energy which is encouraging and light. I am looking forward to working with her more to help heal deeply buried tension.

​Sarah H, Yoga Teacher

As a Personal Trainer for 11 years, you can immediately identify if a health professional is credible or not. I have received numerous treatments for my neck, shoulders and knees but no progress was made. I became very frustrated, having to slow down my training and my peak physical condition was starting to suffer because of it. I looked for an alternative and met Morna. She was very understanding and compassionate, which made feel comfortable immediately. The holistic approach to lifestyle, posture, nutrition and the gentle treatment techniques made all the difference. I couldn’t recommend Morna highly enough! I am back to full training and pain free, I am very happy.

Daniel P, PT & Sports Masseur

Morna has an amazing way of being both gentle and thorough with her approach, which instantly made me feel comfortable. The sessions almost feel like therapy, as we often talk through how stress sits in the body. She explains her methods and exactly how and why there is particular pain in a certain area in stunning detail. I genuinely find every session with her interesting, as I seem to always find out something new. Most importantly, she never fails to pin point and work through my back pain accurately and effectively.

Louise B, Student

Having been to various other osteopaths over the last 20 years with varying degrees of success, I started seeing Morna upon recommendation. Her approach is so different, so holistic, and there’s nothing you can throw at her that she doesn’t understand about the body and how it works! She is so much more than just an osteopath. I was greatly benefitting from seeing her regularly until the current lock-down started, and since then I have had a Zoom appointment with her and that was also very effective! Thoroughly recommended.

Ashley W, Company Director

I’ve been having hands on treatment from Morna for over a year now, due to wide-spread pain from fibromyalgia. Her extensive knowledge of the whole body and the way everything is connected and works together, gives her a unique ability to treat the whole of you rather than just focusing on isolated muscles and skeletal issues alone. I was worried what would happen to my treatments during the coronavirus lockdown but I have been able to continue with Morna via Zoom!! Although unable to use the hands-on approach, Morna has used her wealth of holistic therapies to ease my pain through relaxation, yoga and lifestyle advice. A truly talented, gifted woman, thank you so much!


After quite a nasty fall off my mountain bike in the Forest of Dean, I couldn’t get up from sitting, cough or sneeze without feeling a sharp pain on the left side of my ribcage, without any obvious sign of bruising, no one had any answers other than “let it rest” but the pain wasn’t getting any less, just more and more uncomfortable. I turned to Morna for help and how glad am I that I did, she took her time to listen and asked all the questions to aid and assist her. I felt confident after the initial consultation and trusted her with her professionalism, she made the whole experience easy and comfortable. Later on that day, I could cough and sneeze without feeling the sharp pain, and the next morning I was able to get up from bed and not roll out feeling all curled up in pain. I would highly recommend Morna for her professionalism and attention to detail.

Katie C, Company Director

I recently saw Morna to try and relieve endometriosis-related pelvic pain. Some of the pain was immediately eased after treatment, and the day following treatment, my pelvis was in less pain than it had been in WEEKS. One very happy customer!

​Kelly S, Freelancer

Initially I saw Morna regarding discomfort in my shoulder but over the course of around six treatments, she has treated a variety of areas that were troubling my body and restricting my movements. Morna is very gifted in the way she does osteopathy and works very intuitively. My body has gone through the most amazing changes following these treatments, leaving me feeling free.
I am so glad that my yoga teachers recommended Morna!

Sharon H, Nurse (Retired)

Great analytical ability, she looked at how I stand and move and not only fixed the problems I came with, but also helped increase my mobility and overall freedom of movement. She was very friendly and we had a good chat while she twisted me back into shape she made the whole experience relaxed and comfortable. She really knows her stuff and how to adapt to different body types and needs.

Zak R, BJJ Head Instructor

For some time, I have been unable to sit or bend my knee without experiencing excruciating pain. After ONE session with Morna, I was able to sit comfortably and even SQUAT! Something I haven’t done for months!! After Morna had corrected my leg and left me pain-free, she gave me exercises, stretches, and pointed out the bad habits I had developed, a contributing factor to the pain in my knees. She truly has “magic hands” and really knows her stuff!

Aki A, University Finance Manager

I’ve been having appointments with Morna for a few months and I can honestly say that Morna has ‘magic hands’. She has greatly improved a long-standing shoulder problem I have had for more than 10 years and brought instant relief to a lower back problem I recently developed. I have found Morna to be kind, very professional and entirely focused in her holistic approach. Her listening skills are excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Denise F, Research Nurse

I hurt my back 9 weeks ago. I visited a chiropractor 4 times and whilst it did initially relieve the pain, after a few days I could not walk or move without pain. I was recommended to Morna and after two sessions I am over the moon with the results and I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.

Mark C, HGV Driver

I had been suffering from calcific tendonitis of the right hip, which Morna undertook to treat. After two, one hourly sessions over six weeks, interspersed with the necessary exercises provided, I noticed a ninety percent improvement in my condition, meaning I could then walk without pain. Morna obviously has great knowledge of the musculoskeletal workings of the body and I would thoroughly recommend visiting her if you have a muscle, tendon, or joint problem.

Peter H, Retired

Morna originally started treating me 18 months ago for a whiplash injury following a car accident, which has now resolved. I have since consulted her for osteoarthritis of my knee. I am loath to have a knee replacement so Morna has provided me with advice and exercises to help with this so I can carry on with my love of walking without too much pain. She has also treated me with massage and exercise for hip pain. All this has been done in a very caring and professional manner. I cannot thank Morna enough for putting me back together so I can enjoy my walks with the dog again. I would thoroughly recommend her for treatment.

Doreen J, Retired

I met Morna through a mutual interest in capoeira, an art form consisting of acrobatics, kicks, and unorthodox movements which use the entire body. Over the years I’ve had many injuries, and aches and pains but took recovery into my own hands. Doing so has left me stiff, tense, and with poor posture on occasion. Morna has an exceptional eye for spotting these issues, on doing so we’ve discussed potential root causes, and after a thorough examination, I was treated effectively with care and consideration. Within only a few sessions there is a considerable difference in my capabilities during training and long term problems are swiftly resolved. Her exceptional and professional capabilities yield fantastic results and I would highly recommend her services.

Elliott N, Manufacturing Technician

By a stroke of good fortune I was given a copy of Morna’s leaflet by my daughter at a time that I was experiencing very painful spasms in my right inner thigh muscle and the consequent debilitating effect that this was having on my life. Some time previously an Xray had shown mild arthritis in my right hip but I had been unable to establish whether this was related. Within a matter of weeks after consulting Morna I no longer needed the painkillers that I was increasingly relying on to cope with my daily activities.

At the first assessment, and having taken account of my medical history she carried out a thorough physical examination, including the spine and muscles, their alignment and movement, and my posture. A gentle massage to the troublesome muscle gave some relief within a day. To supplement treatment she recommended a series of daily stretching and strengthening exercises to support hip structure and to improve muscle alignment more generally. These were monitored and changed as necessary over the coming months. These exercises, together with an awareness of the importance of good posture and movement have become part of my lifestyle.

I appreciate Morna’s professionalism, her holistic approach, gentleness of touch, her listening skills. I have full confidence in her ability, knowledge and insight and have no hesitation in recommending her most warmly.

Margaret S, Retired

I had endured a neuro-muscular condition for many years even decades, which was frequently very painful and had produced a deformity in my spinal column. In addition, a few months ago, I suffered a stroke which further stressed my central nervous system and had a serious effect on the use of my left arm and hand. Whilst in hospital following the stroke, I learned by recommendation from one of the nurses attending me, about Morna Sung. I shall always be grateful to this nurse, not only for her own role in my care but also for this recommendation, as Morna’s osteopathic expertise has assisted enormously, not only towards my stroke recovery (i.e. recovering arm and hand movement and range of shoulder movement) but also very much towards maintaining a degree of normal range of movement in my dystonic neck.

Right from my initial meeting with Morna, I was greatly impressed by her professionalism, her knowledge and her manner towards me as a patient/client/customer and her considerable empathy. I have enjoyed gradual improvement in the various afflicted areas of my body for which I am extremely grateful to Miss Sung for her therapy and advice. Even now I come from a session and think that she has seemed to exceed even her perfectionist standards. I love my osteopathy ; I always look forward to the next session and don’t hesitate from recommending Morna to anyone for a consultation.

JKF, Retired Mental Health Nurse

Morna worked for me at Osteopathic Medical Practice in Birmingham for over a year. Within this time she demonstrated outstanding professionalism and care towards myself and patients. Morna is reliable and is passionate about helping others with her skill.

Inderpreet S, Principal Osteopath

I began seeing Morna in late 2014 as a result of sustaining a whiplash injury. Where regular physiotherapy was failing to make a difference, Morna’s treatment alleviated problems and maintained my physical health. She is personable and professional, taking the time to diagnose the issues and offer solutions, exercises, and other treatments to help.

Sophie B, Senior Game Designer

I visited Morna for long-term lower back pain arising from a chronic disc problem. The critical issue for me was the ability to manage the problem myself, and after treating the immediate symptoms Morna achieved this by crafting an exercise programme based on my specific needs and by giving postural advice. After seeing Morna pain relief was immediate and sustained. The exercise programme has enabled me to avoid recurrence with far more confidence than before. I would unhesitatingly recommend Morna as an osteopath. She’s authoritative, confidence-inspiring, intuitive, trustworthy, approachable and personable.

Andy M, Senior Developer

I contacted Morna after 3 months of pain in my lower back and after 2 sessions I was pain-free.

Michaela K, Assessment Manager

I went to Morna for help to a specific injury that I have been struggling with for a couple of years. She was very thorough in her examination, prognosis and in putting together a plan for recovery. I would recommend Morna if you need help and relief for your ailments.

Danny G, Portfolio Manager 

I have suffered back pain for a number of years the cause was a  prolapsed disc. I had tried exercise, I also tried chiropractor and  physiotherapy but to no avail. I was then recommended to Morna Sung and within 2 or 3 sessions felt 100 times better. I always found Morna to be very knowledgeable and professional in every way.

George S, Gym Owner (retired) 

Thank you Morna for keeping my poor old body in enough shape to enable me to play golf. Always on time, always smiling and excellent at your job.

Andy H, Retired

I first went to see Morna with some new lower back pain related to an old injury, the pain from which was preventing me going to work as my mobility was compromised. I was immediately impressed with Morna’s professionalism and care with which she examined me and began treatment. Within a few sessions of treatment my mobility began to return and now after a short while and a lot of exercise I have returned to work full time and have begun treatment for my old injury. I can’t thank Morna enough for helping me get back to “normal” and wish her all best in the future.

Greg B, Plumber

Following a spectacular fall causing damage to my shoulder, Morna was able to diagnose the reason for my immobility and pain, and how the rest of my body had reacted to compensate. Within a few sessions and with the given exercises I was well on my way to the full spectrum of movement, and weight bearing. Morna was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, with a genuine interest in my case.

Sam G, Control Engineer

It is really good to have someone with such broad knowledge who is able to find the source of problems and treat them in such a sympathetic and professional manner.

David R, Metal Industry Manager (retired)

Morna is very good at adapting her treatment style to different requirements in different bodies. I have been told in the past that I am “hypermobile” so certain osteopathic techniques don’t seem so effective on me. However Morna knew exactly how to change her techniques to suit me. Morna is very professional, committed and always willing to help.

R P, Dentist

I initially went to Morna with persistent pain and restricted movement in my lower back. Within one session she had alleviated the worst of the pain in that area and discovered other problem areas, both related and unrelated. She also highlighted a problem with my hip as the likely cause of my pain. She recommended a visit to the GP and correctly outlined the likely course of action they would take, and also (as I now know from various doctors and hospital visits) correctly diagnosed the problem. I have continued getting treatment for the knock-on effects of this problem and she works wonders with muscular relief and realignment. I’m not sure I’d be able to manage the pain and restrictions without Morna’s treatment and advice. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone. If you’ve been thinking you need some sort of physical treatment, make Morna your first choice.

Aiden B, Electrician

I have been for three sessions and every single one of them was a great experience! I work in an office and I suffered from back, neck and forearm pain. Treatments with a combination of advice and home exercises brought me huge relief! I strongly recommend Morna to everyone as she is a brilliant practitioner who knows what she is doing, and on top of that Morna is an extremely friendly person! Thank you, Morna!!!

Beata K, Geologist

I had been suffering with pain in my lower back for a long time; it was even affecting my leg to the point that I was unable to sit down for more than 30 minutes. During the first appointment, Morna immediately diagnosed the problem and taught me some simple exercises to do on my own in order to complement a brief course of treatment with her and ease my pain that it has completely gone!

David P, Energy Analyst

I woke up one morning with severe lower back pain. I hobbled about for a week before getting treatment from Morna, after the session I could walk without the hobble and with the good exercise advice I have been pain-free since.

Chris M, Software Analyst

Morna has given me thorough and insightful advice which has helped me to understand the way my body functions and the causes of the problems and discomforts that I was experiencing. She suggested specific and focused exercises which have been of great help. Thank you!

Melissa B, Dancer

When I first came to see Morna I’d been in virtually constant pain for quite some time: I almost didn’t think I could ever be fixed. But I immediately felt relief from our first session and I felt so much more ‘whole’ again after our second. My problems have been longstanding and are deeply ingrained so I know it won’t be a quick fix, but that’s okay because every session we have I’m improving all the time. Morna is highly professional, very personable and extremely knowledgeable – I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tom H, Screenwriter

I initially saw Morna after injuring my already arthritic knee. From our first meeting I felt totally comfortable with her. She listened, and gently examined my knee, and listened to further complaints of more problems e.g. back problems from many years of nursing; pins and needles in my right hand; general aches and pains (developing in an ageing and overweight body). Her whole outlook is holistic and caring and she has the most intuitive hands I have ever come across in a therapist. She has treated all the areas we have discussed, has worked out exercises for me to do at home, and when some have not been comfortable to do she has thought out different ones which suit better. I would happily recommend Morna, and I will continue to see her for as long as she will have me as a client.

Annette C, Practice Nurse

As a classical singer, I depend on my torso and back. For years I had had back spasms and a lack of mobility in my ribcage, which was causing professional difficulties as well as daily discomfort. Not only did Morna diagnose the problem correctly, which several GPs and physiotherapists had failed to do in the past, but she also provided a gentle, effective treatment that immediately improved my lung capacity by releasing the trapped ribs, and gave me simple exercises that have helped relieve back pain and improve my posture ever since. She really tailored her compassionate, effective treatment to my individual needs, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Esther B, Singer

As a climbing instructor I spend a lot of time on the wall training to keep on form, however I had spent a few too many hours training and my forearms were in serious pain and I even found holding cutlery painful! I was very grateful for Morna’s treatment on my forearms which released the muscle tension after one short treatment and got me back onto the rock face (and my dinner!) sooner. She was very supportive and taught me some useful warm up and warm down exercises and stretches to avoid the same thing happening again. Thanks, Morna!

Ben W, Climbing Instructor

I compete in triathlons at an international level and consulted Morna regarding several injuries I had. The treatment I received was excellent and tailored to my specific needs as an athlete. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the treatment and the variety of techniques used. Morna looked at my body as a whole as well as considering my lifestyle and other factors that would affect my recovery. I was given stretches so I could do everything possible to help myself, it is great to be involved in your own recovery – Morna told me exactly what I had to do and why. I will definitely return to see Morna for treatment for any future problems I have.

Hannah K, GB Triathlete

Morna treated me earlier this year for calf and hamstring injuries arising from running, which had previously been subject to physiotherapy without noticeable improvement. She was friendly, extremely professional and most importantly very effective, adopting a holistic approach to the problem rather than just treating the immediate symptoms. Her advice is clear, concise, easy to understand – and it works!

James M, Software Engineer

The day after my first treatment I felt like someone had given me brand new knees, I can’t remember a time when movement was so easy or so free. Now that all treatment is finished, I’m stronger than I ever have been. I understand what I have to do to keep my knees healthy and for the first time in years I don’t have to wear training supports. I thought I had damaged my knees for good, and was trying to limit or stop further harm, I never expected a return to full health. Since then I’ve gone on to complete various obstacle races, occasionally incurring strains from training, but Morna has helped me recover faster and stronger than rest alone ever could.

Chris B, Bespoke Woodwork Cabinet Maker

I found Morna’s treatment to be very effective in relieving my discomfort. It was both specific in targeting the site of the problem and sensitive in how the treatment was delivered. What more could I ask from a treatment? Thank you.

Una R, NHS Informatics Project Manager

Morna treated me for some capoeira-related shoulder strain that was limiting both my upper body weight-bearing ability and flexibility during capoeira. After one treatment, my shoulder and arm moved easier and felt a lot more comfortable for training. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other people with sports-related injuries.

Louise L, Website Manager

After Morna treated my arm, there was an immediate improvement and most of the discomfort seemed to be gone. I also found it really useful that Morna gave me exercises to do to reduce future problems.

Ben J, Social Worker

For several years I was suffering from pain in my left wrist. The pain would appear only when I put lots of weight on it, which happens a lot in capoeira. Morna diagnosed my problem quickly: I had a hypermobile wrist. After her treatment I felt much better, and the pain was more bearable (there is no way to get rid of it). This allowed me to resume my trainings with more confidence!

Rizvi R, Application Engineer (ASML)

I realised I’d pushed it too much on beating my 10k time when my back started to twinge, after a couple of sessions with Morna treating my hip flexor muscles I felt like my back relaxed off with less tension, like it wasn’t holding any more. The treatment worked on some very deep tissues, but I could feel the difference shortly after and felt very safe and relaxed in Morna’s hands. On my next run a week I found that I finished without a stitch (something I’m prone to on the 7/8k mark) and the back pain wasn’t to be found!

Ben W, Runner

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