*** NEW *** Weekly in-person group community class at Cuddesdon Village Hall, OX44 9HJ ***

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An accessible practice for an integrative mind-body experience
I continue to offer weekly online group yoga lessons using Zoom, as well as 1:1 yoga lessons to be customised to your individual needs. Contact me to discuss your yoga sessions with me.

Here are a few ways how yoga may be of benefit to you

Move your body – Yoga with me offers an immediate form of whole body exercise that is both gentle and safe, but can equally be dynamic or energetic, and has the potential to also be therapeutic. Yoga with me will take into account your body’s limitations so you will not cause further injury.

Still your mind – Yoga with me invites you to engage with your conscious awareness, and guides you to focus your attention, with the capacity to bring more uplifting feelings.

Sense of connection – Yoga with me will offer you the time and opportunity to be attentive to how you feel: to reintegrate your being with your energy in motion.

Yoga Testimonials

Here are comments from some of my yoga students on the benefits and personal experiences they felt from having yoga lessons with me:

“… It made a very refreshing change from all the YouTube yoga I had been doing, it was lovely to have a “real” person on the other side of the screen…”

“…You would think Morna has been teaching for a long time. Her manner is calm and reassuring and she encourages you to do what is best for your body and not simply push into each pose…”

“… I leave each class full of relaxed but positive energy and feeling like it was exactly what I needed that day…!”

“… My only regret is that I live 200 miles away from Morna so when life and yoga classes return to normal, I won’t be able to attend in person classes…!”

“… I am a regular participant of Morna’s class online. I find the pace of the class great, her instructions are clear and as a beginner in yoga I always feel like I am being looked after…”

“… The deep connection with myself and the surroundings during the practice mean that I get to unburden myself whilst expressing myself in the best and most healthy way…”

“… I find it both uplifting and relaxing that after the practice I am always so relaxed I sleep very well…”

“… Morna’s sessions are integrated with a mindfulness practice… increasing self awareness at each session through her relaxed approach…”

“… I end every class feeling relaxed and calm, with increased flexibility and a positive energy...”

Excerpts taken from submitted teacher reviews via Yoga Alliance Professionals

“I’ve known Morna for many years through a mutual interest in capoeira, and was delighted to hear her recent achievement of qualifying as a yoga teacher. I reached out to Morna for a 1:1 yoga session and by the end of our session I was very impressed. Before the session we discussed in detail not only my physical wellbeing but also my mental which ensured the session was tailored to benefit both of these aspects. The session was well balanced, calming and challenging in parts, and she implemented methods to engage and relax the body in ways I had not come across in other practices which helped greatly.Lastly, Morna also taught wonderful concepts on consciousness to apply to the practice. To focus my consciousness on something positive, that brings joy, to always keep in mind throughout. This ensured I didn’t make comparisons and get frustrated about progress but enjoy the journey which brought the best out of my body and soul.Morna is an exceptional and professional instructor, I would highly recommend her services and look forward to future sessions.”

Dragão – Capoeira Instructor

“A very inspirational Yoga session with Morna has motivated me to get back to physical activities. Her approach is very Holistic, wanting to know how I am emotionally as well as physically and helping me to listen to my body. She left me feeling at one with myself and ready for more. Thank you Morna.”

Michaela – Receptionist

“My teenage daughter and I joined Morna for online yoga sessions from home during our isolation. The sessions helped to ease the frustration of being unable to go out and meet friends, and helped to focus our minds on enjoying some peace and quiet together at home. Morna’s gentle and encouraging approach allowed my daughter to explore yoga freely for the first time without feeling any pressure to perform everything perfectly. It has given her a positive experience of yoga which she can carry forward as she grows up.”

Jo – Businesswoman and Mum

“After becoming ill during the coronavirus lockdown, my body was in deep need of soothing recovery stretches and general mind nourishment. Through yoga, Morna guided me through different poses and corrected my posture over Zoom. Following her clear instruction, my mind felt more positive and my joints didn’t feel so stiff after being bed-bound for days, and no doubt her help allowed me to make a speedy recovery!”

Christina – connecting via Zoom from Bristol, UK

“Morna’s yoga teaching was an invitation to listen within, to find a place of security and support in the body and then to let the movement into postures happen without tension. Her clear instruction guided me into of state of relaxed focus, so that I could work softly but deeply and always stay aware of my own limitations. There was a lovely combination of meditation and movement, so afterwards I felt refreshed and in balance, both physically and mentally. Thank you!”

Jane, Yoga Teacher

“I’ve been having hands on treatment from Morna for over a year now, due to wide-spread pain from fibromyalgia. Her extensive knowledge of the whole body and the way everything is connected and works together, gives her a unique ability to treat the whole of you rather than just focusing on isolated muscles and skeletal issues alone.
I was worried what would happen to my treatments during the coronavirus lockdown but I have been able to continue with Morna via Zoom!! Although unable to use the hands- on approach, Morna has used her wealth of holistic therapies to ease my pain through relaxation, yoga and lifestyle advice 🙂
A truly talented, gifted woman, thank you so much!”